Quando as Catedrais eram Brancas, notas breves sobre arquitectura e outras banalidades, por Pedro Machado Costa

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A Regra do modelo

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To see the strangeness in writings on urbanism, one must first be willing and able to recognize what is out of the ordinary and improbable in their undertaking, when seen against the background of how, in the cultures of the world, throughout history, humans have gone about organizing and building their settlements. The creation of a specific, autonomous discipline for the construction of space is an enterprise whose uniqueness and audacity are easy to miss because of its present universality and banality.

The Rule and the Model, F. Choay, 1980.
Patrimoine et Mondialisation. Quels combats à mener?; Françoise Choay: 12 de Maio, 16 h, Anfiteatro 1 da Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Coimbra.

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